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How are you !!


in busy life shortage of time …..keep me away from you .

Right now i move to Bangalore from my home state Gujarat.

There i come to know about the state Flag .






First i think it is some party flag and did not notice it .

But during Cauvery Strick, i come to know its a State flag . Here , I some time feel stay in other country .

in each cross , mall and complex you find the Karnataka flag. First time in my life i show this much regionalism .


Right now Karnataka state 60 year old

People of Bangalore and Karnataka is so good and helpful.




Bihar election

Hello ..

Today Bihar election completed with great voting per cent.

This election is really written in history of Indian governance as  its result will make some landmark in Indian development.

The election result come on nov 8th  2015

15 Spetember Engineer’s day


Today engineers day.  In. India it is dedicated to


This great engineer.  He forcast from the sound the railway tract is broken ahead and stop the train many people life was saved. M.  viaysaraiya is aldo awarded with india’s bhart tanta, which highest citizen award of India .

Venu gopal says

Scientists  study the world which has been,  but Engineers creat the world.

which never has been.

Happy wngineers day

Its really  true

Onam…. featival of kerla

Hello friends.

On th occasion of great Featival Onam.  I would like to wish you happy and oroperus onam. 

If you in kerla you realy feel the joy and happiness of Onam featival.  It is the main and much awaited featival of keralians.  Thia is the featival of harvesting of new cropod new calender  of malilum calendar.

Thia day make  a kolam as rangili of flowers ans beautiful leaves.

They make traditiinal food and enjoy with loving one.

There is alao orgnized many sports like ahailing boat which are so long and around 100s of peoples shail in redham…

Tbia featical has historically  story with religious  belonging. This day king mahabali cone to see his people..

This festival goes 10 days of celebration with cultural  dance kathhakali… and may more..

Enjoy the beauty of kerla…

Gnesh chaturthi..2014

hello friends..


Ganesh Chaturthi...is the India’s historical and cultural festival, this is celebrated with great joy all over the nation but more attraction in Gujarat and Maharashtra states of India where thousands  of puja pundal decorated by many regions organizations

here i would like to share my Gnesha pics which i take while i am mooning in Baroda , Gujarat last week end


you can find each and every street such a big and small Gnesha status and people stand in ques for darsan

the below link give dagusheth gnesha darsan live

 Dagdusheth ganesha


lalbag raja by below link

Lalbag ka raja



and say ganpati bappa moriya ….

jai ganesh deva…

68 Independent day


Today India ready to step in the 68 year of independence . Every year prime minister address the nation .

This morning the sun come with new shine. PM Modi break the rules and meet the student like a common man  not like PM.

His , speech come from heart and mind not from the piece  of paper. Which touch the people of nation.


He announced so many
important  point about woman and girl safety by make their home with toilet facility and school are become with toilet facility special for girls.

The other is bank account for each people of India and insurance of rupees 1 lakh each.




The morning is very special for the ISRO  and India…

ISRO  suceessfully launch the PSLV C-23 . Which carry five setelites of different nations . Thia mission is fully space commercial mission.

At thia oucation PM Modi addess the scientists for their great sucess.



Keep it up ISRO

WE feel so proud…due to you…